06Sep 2016

A preventive maintenance program can help you protect your electrical distribution system – and even your entire facility. What are some of the top reasons for implementing preventive maintenance program?   Business Interruptions: Power surges, spikes, transients, and poor preventive maintenance can cause damage on a regular basis.  These events wear down components and eventually […]

06Sep 2016

Smart Meters. Good or Bad??? There’s a lot of talk about smart meters and how they can help communities use power more efficiently, conserving energy and thus reducing costs. However, some claim that smart meters are hazardous to human health, emitting dangerous high frequency radio waves that can cause illness and disease. Unfortunately, all of […]

21May 2015

Saying that disagreements can arise over a home inspection is an under-statement. One item that can cause frustration is the Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor, or GFCI. A GFCI is typically a receptacle with small buttons on it that usually say “Test” and “Reset”. It can also be built into a circuit breaker that is installed […]